Night Time Power Washing Safety Tips

Most of us have watched that TV show; The Dirtiest Jobs in America. Well, there was also a TV series a decade or so ago called; America’s Most Dangerous Jobs. I remember when I watched that show that I had considered that some of the jobs I’ve done in my life that had been fairly dangerous in my business doing power washing and high pressure hot water cleaning. In fact I was reminded of this recently.

You see, not long ago, I read an interesting Google+ post by Kimberly Wilson about a guy who’d been convicted of attacking someone with a pressure washer. Power washers can be quite dangerous up close, especially with a narrow degree tip in the gun. Hot water pressure washers are not alone in the dangerous tools category, consider an air powered nail gun, plenty of stories of injuries with those on construction sites. And of course the Chipper Shredders, we’ve all heard of those gruesome tales.

Anyway, after considering her post on December 13, 2014 about an ABC News story on March 21, 2013 by Conner Kiesel of News 5 Ohio titled; “71-year-old Akron man pleads guilty to power washer assault, sentenced to jail,” it did bring back some memories.

“Oh my gosh!” I thought to myself. Well, I can remember once, I was power washing in the middle of the night and some gang-bangers came along screwing with me, threatening me, I always kept a ZERO TIP in my pocket in case. I snapped it in and was ready just in case, they finally left after I talked them down, but I was ready, adrenal glands going, and 180 degrees of pure hell, locked and loaded. I am sure this is a common situation we’ve all had over the years, that is to say anyone working nights doing pressure washing.

In a way a hot water pressure washer with a 0-degree tip is just like a regular gun, but water is the bullet, and the bullet keeps going for as long as you’re pointing it at something and pulling on the trigger. Yes, it can rip gum off the sidewalks, drill holes in walls, or hurt someone severely if you were to point at a human being.

That’s just what almost happened in the story above, and something I was almost forced to do myself when accosted by the gang bangers, this before the Stand Your Ground Law. I’m glad it worked out for me, and I hope other power washers and hot water pressure washer employees and owners will consider this and play it safe.