Fire Equipment Cleaning – A Nice Power Washing Ancillary Service to Offer

Let’s say you own a power washing company and all of a sudden all your customers call up and they don’t want you to clean their fleets of trucks, concrete, buildings, or anything else; the reason? There are big wildfires going on in the area and the soot and ash is getting all over everything, therefore there’s no sense in cleaning everything because it will be dirty the next day. All your customers will call you up and scream and yell to have you clean everything as soon as the fires are put out in the area. How do you think I know this?

Well, before retirement I ran a franchising company and we sold franchised power washing units, and I can tell you there were franchisees that would call me up and tell me they couldn’t pay their royalties that month because of the fires. That’s when we developed a strategy to clean fire equipment, and it turned out to be great. Did you know that when firefighting equipment drives off-road that they pick up noxious weeds and vegetation underneath the vehicle and on the tires?

Well, the reason they call them noxious weeds is that it is imperative that they stay in that area and are not brought into another area where they might grow as an invasive new species in a different ecosystem. In other words it all has to stay where it is and cannot hitch a ride on a fire vehicle going somewhere else. That means you have to clean the underside of vehicles, the tires, and rinse them off to make sure that nothing leaves the area.

After the firefighting vehicles are done they are off to fight the next fire, or the continuation of the current fire. They need to be cleaned off quickly so they can go to the next location, remember time is of the essence during these natural disasters and crisis. Speaking of crisis, there is always opportunity in crisis, if you own a pressure washing or power washing company you should be able to get the contract to clean all this equipment and stay busy while your other customers don’t want you to service their accounts anyway.

In other words you have the opportunity to make a ton of money doing this ancillary work and these extra services when you normally would have been sitting on your butt waiting for the fire to be put out before you could go back to work. Not only that, but you might have so much work that you can pay your guys overtime, and they will appreciate the extra work as much as you do. Please consider all this and think on it.